Monday June 6 2011

Foetus found in Fort Portal hospital toilet

By Geoffrey Mutegeki


Patients and their caretakers at Fort Portal Referral Hospital were on Friday shocked when they found a foetus in one of the toilets at the hospital.

The foetus was discovered by a caretaker who had gone to answer nature’s call and saw its head in the toilet and a placenta on the floor. “I was in the toilet to ease myself when I saw something black in the toilet hole. I got a broom and tried to examine it, then I realised it was a baby’s head,” the witness, who declined to be named, said. She added: “I alerted the hospital administration which called police and retrieved the foetus from the toilet.”

The police mounted a search for the mother of baby, who claimed she had gone to ease herself and had a miscarriage. Health workers and police suspect that the 16-year-old girl, a resident of Nyabwiina Village, in Fort Portal Municipality, could have had an abortion.

Preliminary investigations show that the foetus was pushed into the toilet. Police are conducting further investigations.