Monday October 10 2011

Unemployment among youth hits 83 per cent



As Uganda continues to grapple with high rates of population growth, the level of unemployment among the youth has also shot high to a remarkable 83 per cent, youth group, Uganda Youth Forum (YUF), revealed on Friday. This pits Uganda to second place after Niger in the world to have the youngest and unemployed population.

The UYF chairman, Mr James Magara, advised government to quickly devise means away from just availing funds but also instill in youth a savings and investment culture to solve the unemployment.

However, the acting commissioner in the youth and children department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Mr Kyateka Mondo, said the high unemployment rate should not only be blamed on government but also on the youth.

“We should stop the blame game which accuses government of lending a deaf ear but our youth continue to ignore jobs while others are too lazy to work. They are always complaining when they get to work and employers have resorted to hiring foreign labour mainly from Kenya,” Mr Kyateka said.

He suggested a national youth service scheme to guide youth with skills for vocational types of jobs and do away from relying on formal jobs which they will not be competent at.