Friday November 25 2011

Activists ask government to protect women from violence


Activists have asked government and stakeholders to take action to eliminate violence against women and put in place mechanisms that will ensure justice for victims and adequate punishment for perpetrators.

Addressing the media in Kampala yesterday ahead of the annual Peace Exposition in Kasese, Ms Helen Kezie-Nwoha, the programme manager of the Isis Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange, a women rights activist group, said: “The more girls are being forced into prostitution by their families hoping to get money, the more number of child mothers and fathers in an area that lacks major educational facilities.”

The activists said despite being one of the countries affected by the long period of war, Uganda remains marginalised in development interventions; leading to high levels of trauma, violence against women, illiteracy and poverty.

The Peace Exposition under the theme ‘Challenging Militarism and Ending Violence Against Women’ is set to bring together hundreds of women, especially from rural places, to share experiences, discuss emerging issues and dialogue with policy makers and development partners on the issues affecting them.

Other activities include providing a forum for dialogue and strategy-sharing, pressuring governments to implement commitments made and demonstrating the solidarity of activists around the world.