Friday February 3 2012

Besigye threatens demonstrations at police stations

By John Njoroge


There is need for Ugandans to come to a consensus on “how they will rid the nation of a thieving government”, FDC leader Kizza Besigye has said.

Addressing an Activists for Change (A4C) rally in Kyengera, a Kampala suburb on Wednesday, Dr Besigye said: “There is need to have leadership in every area so that when the right time comes, these leaders will communicate effectively to you the public on when to rise up against President Museveni.”

Dr Besigye said: “Wait for the signal,” adding that demonstrations would also be conducted at police stations across the country. “We shall demonstrate in them (police stations) and see if they will arrest and keep this whole country,” Dr Besigye said.

On the aborted Kololo rally that was slated for last Friday, Dr Besigye said the A4C decided to call it off because “the country was still not ready.”

“We have noted you (the public) are still gripped by fear. We need to encourage you some more,” he said. “I have been arrested over 11 times and taken to court but have never defended myself. Charges against me could not be sustained,” Dr Besigye added.

And in a surprise move, Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Sempala made an appearance at the rally. Supported by her aides because she cannot walk independently, Ms Sempala said although Parliament continues to pass budgets, corruption continues to stifle progress in key sectors.

Ms Sempala sustained injuries after an accident involving a police van as she left an A4C rally recently. “Go home and tell your neighbours not to fear,” she added. Comedian Paddy Bitama, who has joined the A4C pressure group, said he has temporarily abandoned comedy to “liberate the nation”.