Monday February 13 2012

Besigye lashes out at Museveni over oil deals

By Isaac Kasamani & Johnson Mayamba


Activists for Change leaders have accused President Museveni of turning Uganda’s oil into private property.

Led by Dr Kizza Besigye, the opposition activists said the President should not have authorised the signing of the oil agreements well knowing that he had been stopped by Parliament. This, they say, was undermining the powers of the Parliament.

Dr Besigye said this while dressing hundreds of supporters in Mukono District, who had gathered at the Mayor’s Gardens yesterday during an A4C rally aimed at spreading their gospel of change.

Unclean transactions?
Dr Besigye added that those who signed the oil agreements are buying the oil in vain.
“Those who are buying our oil are doing it in vain because that oil is not for Museveni but for all Ugandans. This country belongs to Ugandans,” Dr Besigye said before calling upon people of Mukono and the entire country to stop fearing and believe in themselves, saying change is coming but they must work for it.

The Mukono Municipality MP, Ms Betty Nambooze, asked the people to stand up for their rights. And to show people that she was serious about change, she said she wants the current salary of MPs reduced.

Concerning the Shs103 million that is being given to the MPs to buy cars, Ms Nambooze said she will not reject the money. “I will not reject that money. I will accept it and use it to develop my constituency,” she said. However, unlike other rallies staged around Kampala, there was less teargas as police dispersed people who were following Dr Besigye’s convoy after the rally.