Tuesday February 28 2012

Disruption in Mombasa hinders Internet service supply

By Flavia Nalubega


Internet service providers have blamed the disruption in the network service for the last three days on the breakdown in connectivity.

Since Saturday, the internet connection from all the main service providers (particularly Orange and Airtel) has been poor, something that has been blamed on the breakdown in the cables at Mombasa that enable provision of the services.

A source from Airtel, whose identity cannot be disclosed because he is not authorised to speak to the press ,yesterday told Daily Monitor that the only two cables at Mombasa - Teams cables that provide connectivity for all the internet providers in Uganda were cut at the weekend, distorting internet connection.

Cables cut
“The Teams cables were cut by malicious people at the weekend and this is causing connection problems. All internet providers, particularly Orange and Airtel have been affected because they all depend on these cables for service provision,” he said.

Today, there were inflows of alert messages from Orange and Airtel to their customers, warning them about the interruptions, and failure in the network system, particularly internet connectivity.

However, the situation is expected to normalise by end of today as they work upon getting the cables fixed.

Orange is part of the Lower Indian Ocean Network (LION) cable that has its establishment in the East African region, Africa and even overseas.

It is one of the biggest internet service providers within the East African region, competing with other telecom companies in Uganda— Airtel, Warid, MTN and UTL.