UN asks Museveni to intervene in South Sudan fragile crisis

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Posted  Friday, December 20   2013 at  00:00

In Summary

The violence has forced about 20,000 people to seek refuge at UN facilities as well as killing more than 500.


Kampala- The United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon has asked President Museveni to intervene and help find a solution to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.

Head of public diplomacy at the ministry of Foreign Affairs Fred Opolot revealed this yesterday at a media briefing on the state of affairs in the South Sudan.
“The UN-Secretary General had a telephone conversation with Mr Museveni and asked him to intervene to find a political solution (to the South Sudan crisis)” Mr Opolot said.

Ban Ki-moon warned on Wednesday that the fighting might become a full scale war.
“There is a risk of this violence spreading to other states, and we have already seen some signs of this,” Mr Ban said, adding the crisis “urgently needs to be dealt with through dialogue.”

Mr Opolot said basing on the Ban Ki-moon-Museveni conversation, an urgent inter-ministerial committee from African Union countries had been formulated and flown to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a meeting before proceeding to Juba to engage the two rival groups.

Mr Okello Oryem, the state minister for International Affairs, last evening joined top officials from four east African countries in Addis Ababa, from where they were slated to fly to Juba to kick-start efforts to restore peace.
Kenya’s Foreign Affairs secretary Amina Mohammed, who said she was “en route to South Sudan to offer first-hand assistance”, told AFP she was working with diplomats from Djibouti, Ethiopia and Uganda.