Sunday December 20 2009

UNDP urges government to reform migration rules

Upcountry passengers to pay high fares. FILE

Upcountry passengers to pay high fares. FILE PHOTO 

By Martin Luther Oketch


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has asked governments worldwide to restructure migration policies so as to make international migration easy. UNDP estimates that close to 1 billion people migrate from their places of origin in search of better economic conditions while other are forced.

In its 2009 Human Development Report titled; ‘Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development’, UNDP says analysis has shown that large gains to human development would flow from improved policies towards migrants.

The report launched in Uganda on December17 shows that 37 per cent of the international migration are from developing countries to developed countries, 60 per cent is between developing and developing countries while 3 per cent from developed countries to developing countries.

The UNDP senior economist in Uganda, Mr Sebastian Levine, told Sunday Monitor at the launch that Uganda should improve on the working conditions of workers.