Friday February 5 2010

Media shunned me in the west - Otunnu

By Isaac Khisa


Barely a week after FDC president Kizza Besigye complained of a media blackout in the north, Uganda Congress Party presidential hopeful Olara Otunnu says he’s suffered similar maltreatment in the west.

Addressing the media in Kampala yesterday, Dr Otunnu said despite having money to pay for radio talk shows, station managers turned him away, saying they were acting on “orders from above”.

He said only Radio Kitara in Masindi District was brave enough to let him appear for a talk show.

Daily Monitor this week reported that Dr Besigye had a rough time reaching rural voters on his tour of the Acholi sub-region because radio managers were too scared to host him.
Last November, Dr Besigye was blocked from featuring on Nenah FM in Karamoja.

Neglected west
Meanwhile, Dr Otunnu said even though Mbarara University and the town look impressive, no meaningful developments have been done in western region as a whole.

He said majority of the roads are impassable and hospitals have dilapidated buildings with no drugs and limited staff.