Tuesday March 9 2010

Landslides leave over 200 homeless in Kabarole

By Joseph Mugisa & Felix Basiime

Over 200 people have been displaced by landslides on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori in Kabarole District, Daily Monitor has learnt.

Kateebwa Sub-county chief Perez Mwebesa said in an interview at the weekend that the most affected parishes are Mutumba, Mitandi and Kateebwa.

Call for help
“The extent of the damage caused by the landslides has been too much and it calls for quick government intervention,” Mr Mwebesa said.

The Sub-county chairman, Mr Eriya Mwogera, said the disaster occurred after midnight on Saturday morning, adding that no deaths have been recorded yet.

Mr Mwogera said residents lost property worth millions of shillings.

Three big bridges were washed away and communication to the area has been cut off. The damaged bridges are; Igasa-Nyakwija, Rubona-Bukuuku and Igasa-Kibwe.
Affected schools
Bihondo, Mitandi and Mutumba primary schools and Muhingi Hydro-electric power plant were affected as well.

District leaders have set up three internally displaced peoples camps at Mutumba, Mitandi and Bihondo parishes.

“Since the district is financially handicapped, we shall compile a report and send it to the centre and see the possible assistance people can be given,” Kabarole Chairman, Michael Mugisa said.