Wednesday March 31 2010

Buganda refuses to apologise over CBS

By Mercy Nalugo & Emmanuel Mulondo


Buganda Kingdom yesterday re-affirmed its earlier position that they can never apologise to the government over the September 2009 riots.

The kingdom’s Information Minister, Mr Peter Mayiga, who was reacting to the latest government position that CBS will remain closed until they apologise, said Mengo has no case unlike those who blocked the Kabaka from touring parts of his kingdom.

“There is nothing for us to apologise about. The riots were caused as a result of the government stopping the Kabaka from visiting one of the counties in his kingdoms,” Mr Mayiga said, adding that Mengo was not responsible for the deaths that took place during the riots.

The radio was closed by the government after riots that claimed 27 lives, left several others injured and property destroyed.

Alerted public
The government has since blamed Mengo for the mayhem that ensued and accused CBS radio for inciting the public.

“The only thing that CBS did was to alert the public that the Kabaka had been stopped from touring his kingdom which other radios did and were not closed,” he said.

Mr Tamale Mirundi, the presidential press secretary, on Monday said CBS closure was a Cabinet decision but the President was taking all the flack because ministers especially those from Buganda were not doing their job to explain to the people.