Monday April 19 2010

King Oyo presides over Tooro supreme court

King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru

A day after he was handed full control to manage Tooro Kingdom, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru began work in earnest yesterday, holding a court session. Mr Fredrick Nyakabwa, the kingdom’s information minister (kneeling) is one of the subjects who appeared at the court.  

By Felix Basiime & Joseph Mugisa


King Oyo Nyimba of Tooro yesterday began his work as king by presiding over a supreme court session. The king heard nine cases of which he determined and instructed the prime minister and the overseer of the king’s estates to take action against the convicts. The supreme court of the kingdom can only receive not less or more than nine cases related to kingdom affairs.

The accused
Among the accused was the king’s uncle and the head of the royal clan, Mr Charles Kamurasi, who was charged with failure to fulfil the king’s pledges to his subjects. Mr Charles Muhanga, the Kibaale, custodian of the kingdom history, was charged with failure to protect trees around the palace which were destroyed by cattle. After court, the king walked and sat at Omusanga (kings seat at the entrance of palace) and his aunt, Ms Mukajoyi Abwooli served him with a local drink, called obusera in a gourd.

King meets subjects
He later sat in his sitting room inside the palace and allowed subjects to greet him.
Yesterday’s rituals marked the end of the four-day empango (coronation) rituals.