Thursday April 22 2010

Police summon Otunnu again

By Isaac Khisa

The police have summoned the UPC president, Mr Olara Otunnu, to record a statement with a view to charging him with promoting sectarianism.

“Inquiries are being conducted into allegations that on April 12, 2010 at Radio Lango in Lira District, you uttered words to the effect that the war in Northern Uganda was facilitated by President Museveni and his government, which tends to promote sectarianism contrary to Section 41 of the Penal Code Act,” reads the summon issued on Monday by Mr Moses Sakira, the deputy CID chief.

But Mr Otunnu yesterday denied uttering sectarian statements, saying President Museveni instead should be in the dock.
“On the issue of promoting sectarianism in the country, who has recruited more people in government basing on ethnicity? It is Museveni and he is the one supposed to be investigated,” Mr Otunnu told journalists at Uganda House in Kampala.

However, Mr Sakira said Mr Otunnu has to appear at the Criminal Investigations Directorate tomorrow at 10am for questioning and record a statement.

Asked whether the earlier investigation of Mr Otunnu in relation to criminal libel still stands, Mr Sakira was non-committal.
Mr Otunnu had refused to appear at police, saying the charge of criminal libel against him was misplaced.

Yesterday, Mr Otunnu told the press that it is “outrageous” that police actions were influenced by President Museveni.
Waving a copy of the police letter, Mr Otunnu said: “The decision taken by the police is even more disparate and outrageous than the earlier thing (summon).”

The former top UN diplomat said he would not retract his statements, saying he has evidence and ready to tell Ugandans truth.

“We have volumes and volumes of evidence, some of which are in the public domain,” Mr Otunnu said. “I am happy to give evidence to President Museveni before the people of Uganda, before the law and to the International Criminal Court,” he added.