Irish minister decries rights situation in Karamoja

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By Gerald Bareebe

Posted  Tuesday, June 29   2010 at  00:00


Mr Michael Martin, the visiting Irish Foreign Affairs minister, has challenged the government to come clear on alleged human rights abuses by the UPDF in Karamoja region.

Addressing journalists after a closed meeting with Mr Med Kaggwa, the chairman of Uganda Human Rights Commission yesterday, Mr Martin said human rights violations in Karamoja have become a “major international concern.”

“We are concerned about reports on human rights violation against women and children in Karamoja,” Mr Martin said, adding, “We have been assured by the commission that it is investigating extra-judicial killing by Ugandan military in Karamoja.”

His comments come after diplomats, under the Partners for Democracy and Governance Group, pitched camp in Moroto District, where a week ago, the army reportedly opened fire on Karimojong cattle rustlers fleeing from custody, killing at least two.

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