Monday August 23 2010

Orombi to meet Archbishop of Canterbury over homosexuality

By Stephen Otage

The Archbishop of the Church Uganda is to hold discussions with Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, over his stand on homosexuality and gay Bishops serving in the church.

Dr Williams is expected for the All African Bishops Conference which opens tomorrow in Entebbe. The conference will run until August 29.

While opening a three-day 20th Provincial Assembly of the Church of the Province of Uganda last week in Mukono, Dr Henry Luke Orombi, castigated the divided understanding of the Anglican faith.
While giving the bishops an update on the state of the Anglican Communion, Bishop Orombi said the issues in the Church are much deeper than just homosexuality.

Broken church
He said the issues include the radically different understanding of the authority of scripture, the understanding of sin, need for repentance and how Jesus saves.

“In 2003 the Episcopal church in America consecrated as bishop a divorced man living in a homosexual relationship. The prelates of the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion met prior to that consecration and urged the American Church not to do it, saying if the consecration went ahead, it would tear the fabric of our communion at its deepest level,” Bishop Orombi said.

“Seven years later, what I can tell you is that the Anglican Communion is very broken. It has been torn at its deepest level and is a very dysfunctional family of provincial churches.”

Faithful living
When asked by the bishops about the implication to the church of inviting Bishop Williams to the conference, Bsihop Orombi supported the idea, saying it would be helpful to the church. “It is easier to sit with the Archbishop and confront him face to face than through letters,” he said.

“We know that walking in the light brings you relief and healing. We the prelates, the concerned steering committee want to sit and talk to him. I want him to hear my heart as I look at his face not through a piece of paper.”

He urged the bishops to remain faithful to the faith they inherited and not be swayed by issues that are coming from outside, saying as a church they should know what to choose that is helpful to them and leave out what they do not need.