Love your culture, say African bishops

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By Stephen Otage

Posted  Monday, August 30   2010 at  00:00


The second All African Bishops conference ended yesterday with the primates calling on Africans to stick to their culture and reject Western ways tearing the church a part.

While addressing a press conference yesterday, the clergy men, led by Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, said Western cultures like homosexuality should be shunned. He said they will not change their stand on homosexuality, saying the practice is against the scriptures.

Archbishop Orombi warned people going to polls today and in the general elections next year, to resist being bribed with material things. “In choosing your leaders you should know the importance of your ballot.” “Every leader should know that there is accountability. It is not about just going to get allowances.”

The archbishop said he was disappointed by the behaviour of some leaders who are not working for the people but their own interests and called on every Ugandan to pray for peace. The conference which was organised by the council of Anglican Provinces of Africa, started on August 23. About 400 bishops from all over Africa attended.

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