Thursday August 28 2014

The 'Lonely' President Museveni spares time for enumeration

The first lady Ms. Janet Museveni, HE President Yoweri Museveni

L-R The first lady Ms. Janet Museveni, HE President Yoweri Museveni and the Executive Director of Uganda Bureau of Statistics Mr. Ben Paul Mungyereza during the enumeration of members of State House yesterday at Nakasero. The president urged all Ugandans to be counted. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA 


Population and Housing census kicked off this morning with President Museveni sparing 45minutes of his schedule to answer question about his household, most of whom he jokingly said have since “abandon” him.

The Executive Director, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Mr Ben Mungyereza, enumerated Mr Museveni and his wife, Janet at around 11:30am at Nakasero State lodge in Kampala

Speaking after enumerating the President, Mr Mungyereza said: "The atmosphere was cordial and so was the enumeration. He (the President) answered all the questions well."

When asked why the enumeration took three quarter of an hour instead of an average of half an hour, he said: "There were questions that I needed to explain further, probably that explains why it took all that time."

Cracking a joke with the journalists covering his enumeration, Mr Museveni said his family is now small because his children have "abandoned" him. Mr Museveni’s children are all married and staying on their own.

"This is all (pointing at him and his wife Janet), we have been abandoned. If you want the children you will get them in their households," he said while smiling as he took a swipe at journalist, saying instead of doing journalism the members of the press (journalists) are better off practicing agriculture.

Meanwhile, not all has gone according to the statistics prefect’s plan as enumeration in several part of the city started beyond the recommended time--6am.

"The exercise didn't kick off at the expected time (6am) due to delay in delivery of materials like pens, rubbers, and chalk," Mr Deusdedit Arinaitwe who is an enumerator in Muwafu Zone, Namuwonge told Daily Monitor.

He started enumerating at 9am and that worries him as he may not beat his deadline. In a day enumerators are expected to count at least 15 households.

A family is enumerated. Photo by Lubowa

A family is enumerated. Photo by Lubowa Abubaker

In response, Mr Mungyereza said thus far there have been no major hitches which could negatively impact on the exercise.

"Being the first day, we expected some challenges but as we proceed all will be well," Mr Mungyereza said.

So far, according to the Statistics prefects, street children, patients in the hospitals, passengers in transit (travelers) and people who have checked in the hotels have been enumerated already.


The Population and Housing census will come to a close on September 06 after ten days of enumeration.