Monday March 31 2014

‘Quit NRM if tired, Mbabazi,' wife advised



The Luweero District NRM spokesperson, Mr Sebina Ssekitoleko, whom Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi referred to as a “lumpen’ has described her statement as the last kicks of a dying horse.

Mr Ssekitoleko asked Ms Mbabazi, the NRM Women’s League chairperson, and her husband Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to quit the party if they are tired.

“If Ms Mbabazi and her husband are tired, let them get out, I worked with Mr Mbabazi for 10 years and defended him on Temanagalo which nearly cost me my life when Brig Kasirye Gwanga pulled a gun on me..., wasn’t I a lumpen then?” he asked?

Mr Ssekitoleko was responding to Ms Mbabazi who accused him in the Sunday Monitor interview of working with the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, to coach some NRM youth against her and her husband.

Mr Ssekitoleko also denied being a policeman but said he is a friend of the Gen Kayihura who has no political belonging.
“Kayihura is my friend but if some elements in the NRM claim that he is bad like those in the opposition have always maintained, then it means that he is the best IGP we have ever hard because he is impartial,” he said.

He wondered why Ms Mbabazi complains whenever her and her family faces political problems.
“I want her to know that NRM is a political party and not a family affair, she should learn from the wives of Prof Gilbert Bukenya, Capt Mike Mukula and Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi who did not make noise when their husbands were arrested,” the NRM official said.

Meanwhile, another group of NRM mobilisers led by Moses Luutu Mukasa, the president of the Ugandan Community in South Wales Australia have slammed Ms Mbabazi and her husband for trying to wrestle the leadership of the country from President Museveni through party structures.