Tuesday February 2 2016

1 million unintended pregnancies recorded in 2015, says report

By Sandra Janet Birungi

Kampala- Despite the on-going campaigns to increase family planning as a way of curbing the ever increasing population, Uganda recorded a total of 1,337,000 million unintended pregnancies in 2015, a new report has said.

The report, titled ‘Family Planning 2020 commitment to action measurement annex, 2015’, showed that by November 2015, the country was able to prevent only 547,000 unintended pregnancies and 163,000 unsafe abortions as it continues to grapple with the effects of poor family planning uptake.

According to the report, unintended pregnancies are the number of pregnancies that occur at a time when a woman (and her partner) either did not want another child or wanted to delay the next birth and is measured with regard to the last or recent pregnancy, including the current pregnancy.

“Unintended pregnancies happen both as a result of method failure and of women not using contraception.

In the 69 countries where the research was carried out, about two out of every five pregnancies are unintended.

While some progress is being made to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, we know that there are still millions of women with an unmet need for modern contraception, women who remain at risk of experiencing an unintended pregnancy,” the report reads in part.

Regional figures
According to the report, at a regional level, Eastern and Southern Africa had a total of 8.4 million unintended pregnancies coming in second to South Asia, which recorded 24.6 million.
Central Africa had two million while West Africa recorded 3.5 million unintended pregnancies.

Kenya picture
746,000: New family panning users in 2014.
39.1 per cent: Women using modern contraceptives.
20.1 per cent: Women with an unmet in 2015.
1,142,000: Unintended pregnancies were recorded in 2015.
1,246,000: Unintended pregnancies averted in 2015.