Sunday January 24 2016

15 Go Forward members involved in accident

Six injured in Mbabazi convey accident

Six injured in Mbabazi convey accident 



A super custom carrying 15 members of Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s campaign team was on Sunday involved in an accident at Bamunanika in Bisheshe Sub-county, Ibanda District.

The vehicle was part of seven in Mr Mbabazi’s convoy heading to Kyenkanga in Ishongorero Sub-county, Ibanda North for his first rally in the district.

The occupants of the vehicle were the band members who normally travel to rally venues ahead of Mr Mbabazi to warm up the audience.
According to an eye witness, the driver was overtaking the other vehicles on the convoy when he encountered a motorcycle and on trying to dodge it, plunged into a trench.
The occupants suffered minor injuries.

Mr Mbabazi ordered that they be rushed to Kagongo in Ibanda Town. “I am not in a position to judge what went wrong, I am not police,” Mr Mbabazi told journalists. He added: “Fortunately no one is dead, we have sent them to hospital; they should be treated very well.”
Mr Mbabazi campaigned in Ishongorero and Kyeijongo sub-counties and Ibanda Town Council before heading to Kiruhura district where he was expected in the evening hours.