Wednesday June 18 2014

2 injured in fight over Kutesa’s new UN job

By Henry Lubulwa


Two boda boda cyclists in Kalangala District were severely injured following a fight that erupted as the group argued whether Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa wielded more powers than the UN Secretary General or not.

Richard Sebanakita and Steven Kizito were treated at Kalangala Health Centre IV on Monday following a fist fight about the two top UN portfolios. A section of the boda boda riders in Kalangala argued that Mr Kutesa’s position is more important than that of Ban Ki Moon.

An argument that started as a discussion degenerated into a brawl among the boda boda riders as they exchanged insults. The group then decided to go to the chairperson of Kalangala Town Council, Hajj Sulait Lutakome for a verdict. Mr Lutakome told them that Mr Kutesa’s position was superior to that of Mr Ban Ki-moon. One group still disagreed.

They went to an internet café where one of them paid shs1,000 and asked one of the operators to surf and tell them the different roles of the Secretary General of the UN and that of the President of the UN General Assembly. A fight then began, resulting in the two bodaboda riders getting injured and hospitalised.

A UN Secretary-General is the head of the UN Secretariat, one of the principal organs of the United Nations while the President of the UN General Assembly presides over the sessions of the General Assembly like a Speaker does in a Parliament.