Monday May 5 2014

20 die of hunger in Napak

By Steven Ariong

At least 20 people have died of hunger in Napak District, Karamoja sub-region in the past three months while another 6,000 people have crossed to the neighboring Teso and Lango sub-regions in search of food, local authorities have said.

Mr Joseph Loduk, the Ngoleriet Sub-county chairperson, said the hunger has left several elderly persons and children stranded in their houses.
“The current situation is terrible. We are losing people to hunger almost every day in Ngoleriet,” he said.
Mr Loma said several people are at risk of death should the government delay to intervene.

Mr Jimmy Tebanynag, the sub-county councillor, said deaths have been reported in all sub-counties in the district.
“There is no food in households. People are eating wild fruits which are also getting dry,” he said.
Mr Joseph Lomonyang, the district chairperson confirmed the deaths, describing the hunger as a tragedy.

He said on a daily basis, more than 50 families leave their homes, especially in Lopei, Lokopo, Lorengechora and Ngoleriet sub-counties, and cross to neighbouring districts looking for food.
“More than 6,000 people have run away from their homes to the neighbouring districts to look for food,” he said.
He blamed the hunger on last year’s total crop failure caused by persistent drought.

Mr Naman Ojwee, the resident district commissioner, confirmed the presence of hunger but said some people were dying due to old age.