Thursday April 24 2014

22 admitted after eating poisoned food


Twenty two people are admitted to Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital after developing complications believed to have resulted from eating poison-laced food at a church in Mbarara Municipality on Easter Sunday.

The patients, mainly the church leaders, ushers and children from Miracle Centre Church in Lugazi Ward Mbarara, said they developed abdominal pains, diarrhoea and nausea after having a meal of rice, chapatti, matooke, greens and beef shortly after the service.

Pastor Douglas Kabuye, one of the victims, told the Daily Monitor from his hospital bed that the food, which he believes is the source o+f the complications, was prepared early morning before the church service and left in the kitchen at the church in Kakoba Division.

“On Easter Sunday, we prepared food in the morning and left it in the kitchen and went for prayers but we never closed the kitchen properly. After the service, the food was served,” said Pastor Kabuye.

He said he together with his wife developed complications in the night and suspected the food they ate was the cause. On contacting the ushers who prepared and ate the same food, they discovered they too had complications.

“At around 2am I started feeling pain in the stomach, I vomited and developed diarrhoea. On Monday morning, we went to the hospital and other people too began coming complaining of similar complications,” Mr Kabuye said.

Medical workers at the hospital turned away journalists who had rushed there after learning about the development. Journalists were only able to access the patients with the help of police officers who are investigating the matter.
The hospital executive director, Dr George Upenytho, yesterday said he was away in Kampala and, therefore, could not comment on the development.
Dr Denise Nanseera, whom Dr Upenytho said is in charge, did not pick our repeated calls to her known mobile numbers for the whole day.

The district OC CIID, Mr Ian Kakuru, said they are investigating the matter. We will get to the bottom of the matter,” Mr Kakuru said.