Tuesday March 4 2014

240 MPs meet at State House



President Museveni has rallied ‘friendly’ legislators to approve a series of political moves intended to isolate what sources called “antagonists” and prevent them from “spoiling” his fifth term bid ahead of the 2016 general elections.

The Daily Monitor understands that after signing the “Ngoma motion” in Kyankwanzi last month, the 240 MPs who pledged to support Mr Museveni’s sole candidature gathered at State House, Entebbe yesterday to speak about their signature and also hammer out plans on how to cloister his bid.

Sources close to State House told this newspaper that MPs were also invited to discuss a strategy on how to reach out to all members of the party’s National Delegates Conference (NEC), the party organ authorised to choose the flag bearers.

The government Chief Whip, Ms Kasule Lumumba, who chairs the NRM caucus, did not divulge details of the State House meeting but said: “We are going to discuss the current politics”.

But Ms Evelyne Anite, the NRM caucus spokesperson, was blatant in her response to the agenda of the meeting. She said, the lawmakers had agreed in Kyankwanzi to speak to their signatures and mobilise other people to back Museveni’s re-election campaign.

“This is a follow-up meeting,” Ms Anite said. “In Kyankwanzi we agreed that members are given opportunity to defend their signatures and also plan how to convince other members of NEC,” she added.