Saturday May 10 2014

27 districts miss April salaries


Thousands of civil servants from 27 districts will have to persevere another month without salary after the ministry of Finance failed to remit their April pay. Some of those affected include teachers, health workers, police and prison officers.

Mr Keith Muhakanizi, the permanent secretary in the ministry of Finance has warned that the responsible accounting officers will be responsible for the unpaid salaries after they failed to submit payroll uploads in time.

Earlier, the ministry extended the submission deadline from April 15 to 25 but still the chief administrative officers from the 27 districts could not comply.
“Non-submission as well as partial submission of the payrolls will not be accepted and the respective accounting officers will be held liable for any consequences of the delays in salary payment,” Mr Muhakanizi warned. He advised that new staff should be submitted to public service for approval before they can be paid.

Arua acting Chief Administrative Officer Grace Kisembe on Thursday said although they had submitted the payroll information to Ministry of Finance early, it was rejected because it lacked signatures from all the beneficiaries in the district. As a result, more than 5,000 civil servants in his district have missed their pay pending verification of individual signature.

In order to ensure a streamlined payment system to cleanup the payroll, Ministry of Finance decentralised the government payroll early this year.