60 killed in tribal clash

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By Ruth Katusabe

Posted  Sunday, July 6   2014 at  14:09


Over 60 people have been killed in what security agencies referred to as tribal clashes in Western Uganda.

Nearly half of the deceased were killed by police and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces as they battled an allegedly armed Bakonzo that attacked their facilities.

“In Kanyamwirima village, one UPDF soldier was killed and 42 of the attackers were also killed. Now, about 54 attackers have been killed and 40 arrested,” the UPDF’s Rwenzori region spokesperson Lt Ninsiima Rwemijuma said.

The mercenaries carried out attacks in three districts targeting police stations, army barracks and Basongola communities.

Police spokesman, Mr Fred Enanga, said Sunday 11 civilians were killed in Kasese District alone.

Police led by the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, are in the area searching for more suspects.

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