Friday May 18 2018

Irritated man hacks family members, commits suicide


By Agencies

An irritated man has hacked his wife and their five-month old baby injuring them seriously before committing suicide.

Mr Justine Odong Obiya, the Koro Sub-county chairperson identified the man as Francis Onyango, a resident of Atede in Omoro District.

According to Mr Obiya, Onyango used a machete to cut his wife, Ms Betty Angeyo and the child on Thursday morning over unclear reasons.

 He thereafter took his own life by hanging on a tree in a nearby swamp.

Mr Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, says Ms Angeyo and her baby survived the attack and are receiving treatment at St. Mary's Hospital Lacor, in Gulu District.

Mr Okema says they are investigating reports that the couple had a long standing family dispute.

He says Police are also investigating Mr Albert Otim, a resident of Layibi Division in Gulu Municipality who attempted to commit suicide on Thursday.

According to Okema, Otim left a suicide note at his door, saying he has been overwhelmed by life challenges.

 In a related incident, Nelson Kidega, a resident of Gem Parish in Lalogi Sub County also in Omoro District, committed suicide under unclear circumstances on Thursday.

Many people who live in the post-war northern Uganda continue to struggle with mental problems reportedly emanating from the effects of the armed conflict that drove thousands out of their homes for close to two decades.

Other areas in Uganda, however, are also experiencing rising incidences of domestic violence, whose cause is hard to decipher.