Friday June 27 2014

800 pupils stranded after school is closed over toilets

Mr Gabunga shows the writer a section of the collapsed pit-latrine.

Mr Gabunga shows the writer a section of the collapsed pit-latrine. The school closed for fear of risking pupils’ lives. Photo by Fred Muzaale. 

By Fred Muzaale

KAMPALA- More than 900 pupils of Nakyesa Bright Future Primary School in Kayonza Sub-county, Kayunga District are stranded after their school was closed following the collapse of the only pit-latrine at the school.

The government-aided school has more than 900 pupils and 12 teachers.
Mr Anthony Gabunga, the school’s headteacher, told the Daily Monitor on Wednesday that pupils had been sent home after the school’s pit latrine curved in.

“I called a school management meeting after the incident which resolved that I close the school as it was difficult to keep more than 900 pupils at school without a pit-latrine,” Mr Gabunga said.
He added: “The pupils had started using nearby bushes, which could cause more danger in terms of bringing diseases.”

When the Daily Monitor visited the school it had been abandoned with about 12 Primary Seven pupils seated under trees revising their books.

The district inspector of schools, Mr Moses Olok, confirmed the school’s closure, saying efforts were being made by the district to have a new pit-latrine constructed as soon as possible.

However, he lashed out at parents who had let their children come to school, arguing that they should have waited for the school to re-open instead of putting their children in danger.

“There are no children that are born for a given school, therefore parents should take their children to nearby schools instead of risking their lives or keeping them home,” he said.

However, some parents blamed district officials for failing to respond to the problem on time.