Abortions a big cash burden, says new report

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By David Mafabi

Posted  Wednesday, December 11  2013 at  11:52

Unsafe abortion often takes a considerable financial toll on Ugandan women and their families, resulting in a decline in economic stability and household well-being, a new study has found.

The findings that are contained in a study entitled; Documenting the individual and household level cost of unsafe abortion in Uganda by Sparma Sundaram of Guttmacher institute says majority of the women treated for complications from unsafe abortions experience some adverse economic effect.

Using data collected between 2011–2012 from more than 1,300 women who had received post-abortion care at health facilities, the researchers found that women who had spent a single night in a health facility faced significantly greater expenses—and the resulting financial hardship—than women who had been treated as outpatients.

“For these women, the risks of experiencing a loss of earnings and of reporting negative consequences for their children were twice as high as those for women treated as outpatients, and the risk of experiencing some economic deterioration in the household was three times as high” reads the report released in the USA last week.

The report says that on average, Ugandan women paid Shs59,600 for their abortion procedure; however those who received treatment at a health facility for post abortion complications spent an average of Shs128,000 for both the procedure and the treatment of resulting complications.

The report says that the proportion of women who reported that their children had suffered negative consequences was highest among teenagers (92 per cent), followed by women in their 20s (62 per cent) and older women (51 per cent).
Dr. Fred Mugisha, a co-author of the study said their findings show that the harm caused by unsafe abortion extends well beyond the health complications women often experience to costs.