Acholi chiefdom commends Museveni on anti-gays Bill

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By Douglas Olum

Posted  Wednesday, February 19   2014 at  08:00

The Acholi Chiefdom, Ker-Kwaro Acholi, has applauded President Museveni’s promise to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law, saying it will help to preserve the Uganda cultures.

In an interview on Monday, Mr Balmoi Caide Okello, the gender focal person for the chiefdom, said Ker Kwaro Acholi does not approve homosexuality.
“Our tradition has never before approved homosexuality and will not do it even in the future,” Mr Okello said.

He said the chiefdom will always support the fight against homosexuality. He appealed to President Museveni to do what is right for Ugandans and not the outside world.
“For the sake of our identity, much as other people may stand against us, we should stand strong,” he said.

He added: “We would rather have friends who care about us and our decisions than those who want to step on our toes and promote their destructive cultures.”
Mr Okello urged Ugandans to reject any persuasion or intimidation intended to promote homosexuality. However, he said if there are people with a culture that approves the practice, the Ker Kwaro Acholi will not bar them as long as they do not practice it within Acholiland.

He warned that whoever practices the act in Acholi would be subjected to the prescribed legal punishments. Gulu District council chairman Martin Ojara urged the Western world to accept and appreciate the principal of sovereignty and cultural differences.

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