Monday May 19 2014

Amuria NRM official criticises President, set to join opposition

By Simon Peter Emwamu

A top ruling party leader in Amuria District has disagreed with President Museveni’s sole candidature in the 2016 general elections, saying he would rather join the opposition for purposes of a transparent and democratic election.

Mr Samuel Eukot, the NRM deputy chairperson for Amuria Town Council, said he supports competitive politics that is transparent and democratic.
“A few greedy NRM supporters think they will tie Museveni around our necks forever. We are tired and need internal change in the party and so Mr Mbabazi should not cowardice or else some of us will join the opposition for purposes of transparency and democratic leadership,” said Mr Eukot, who is also the town council’s LC 3 chairperson.

He made the remarks at the weekend during an opposition rally promoting electoral reforms that would guarantee free and fair elections in the 2016 elections.

Mr Eukot also disclosed that NRM as a party has become unpopular in the area due to its unfulfilled promises which Mr Museveni made.
“About 220 Arrow Boys’ families, who perished while fighting LRA in Teso, have not been compensated to date yet the promise was made years ago,” added Mr Eukot, describing the sole candidacy being marketed by NRM legislators as a sign that Mr Museveni is tired and has turned into a dictator.

Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, the FDC party president, who was at the function, applauded Mr Eukot’s boldness, saying there cannot be rule of law, equality and zero tolerance to corruption if one person thinks he owns the party and country.

Mr Olara Otunnu, UPC party president said without change, Uganda will continue having a poor education system, roads will remain in bad shape as they are and poverty will continue tormenting the communities in the country.
“We need free and fair election where the Electoral Commission is independent. President Museveni is depriving Ugandans of good services, because he keeps plundering Bank of Uganda to use the money to sustain him and his NRM sycophants in power at the expense of the tax payers,” Mr Otunnu said.