Friday February 7 2014

Amuria bans new private schools

By Richard Otim

Amuria- Amuria Urban Council has banned registration of new private schools, citing non-compliance with the minimum basic requirements issued by the ministry of Education and lack of operational funds by private schools.

The Amuria Town Clerk, Mr Silver Onyait, said the decision was reached after it emerged that proprietors of some of the schools already in operation lacked “stable finances” to run the schools and were solely depending on fees collections from the children to conduct affairs of the schools.

“Those intending to open new schools will now be required to give proof of having in the intended school’s account a minimum of Shs5 million before starting to operate. We have discovered many of the proprietors are just after money and not rendering better service to the public,” Mr Onyait said.

There are currently five private schools and two government-aided schools in the urban council that has a population of 20,000 residents.

“Existing (private) schools are not doing well. The teachers are complaining of nonpayment of their salaries by owners of the schools and this is not a good trend,” Mr Onyait added.

The Amuria Urban Council LC3 chairperson, Mr Samuel Eukot, called upon the district education authorities to help streamline recommended operation of private schools.

Amuria District Education Officer Kellen Acom confirmed that many owners of private schools flout rules of establishing and running schools.
Following a recent inspection of private schools across the district was established that many of the schools, both primary and secondary are operating illegally.

“Most of these schools have failed to meet requirements of acquiring examination centre registration after even running for over 10 years,” Ms Acom said.
She said several of the private schools with pupils in Primary Seven are still depending on public primary schools for registration of their pupils to sit for Primary Leaving Examinations.