Friday January 8 2016

Ankole throne claimant hits back at Katatumba



Ankole throne claimant Umar Asiimwe has challenged Mr William Katatumba, who speaks for Ankole Kingdom to explain his stake in the royal families of the kingdom.

Mr Katatumba recently while responding to hitherto unknown Mr Asiimwe, described him as a ‘mere spoiler” who would not expedite the restoration of the long awaited kingdom.

Mr Asiimwe challenged Mr Katatumba to invite all the Ankole subjects so that they can perform the cultural rituals in order to prove the rightful king of Ankole Kingdom if he doubts him.

“He is joking and he will not threaten me in my effort to reclaim my grandfather’s throne that was grabbed by selfish people who have never been in the kingdom lineage. If he thinks Prince Rwebishenge is the king, let him call all the Ankole elders, we perform cultural rituals inorder to see the rightful king,” Prince Asiimwe said.

He said culture is not read from the books but from the history.
“Who does not know that King Gasyonga, the father of late Prince Barigye was a caretaker of the throne after my grandfather Ntare was forced into exile, ” he said.
Prince Barigye died in 2011 and his son Rwebishegye was crowned prince of Ankole.

Bunyoro, Buganda, Tooro and Ankole kingdoms were abolished in 1967 by president Milton Obote but they were restored by the NRM government in 1993.
But since then, Ankole Kingdom has remained under contention with government.