Thursday February 20 2014

Apac officials express concern over rising HIV/Aids infection

By Agencies

Apac- Authorities in Apac District have expressed concern over the rising cases of HIV/Aids infection at Palamio Landing Site in Akokoro Sub-county, Apac District.
The HIV/ Aids prevalence rate in Apac is 10.3 per cent compared to the country’s 7.3 per cent
. Mr Marino Mark Oyar, a senior health official, said the HIV/Aids prevalence rate was partly due to the uneven numbers of men and women at the landing site. The landing site has a population of 973 men and 362 women.

He said sexual immorality is widespread at the landing site.

“I am worried that at this rate, even those who are negative are at a risk of contracting the virus. Every man seems to be sleeping with more than one woman,” Mr Oyar said.

The area LCI chairperson, Mr Ambrose Olam, said fishermen are reluctant to use condoms.
“Even when condoms are supplied to them, they still engage in unprotected sex. They are risking their lives. The women are very few and they sale like hot cakes,” Mr Olam said.

The beach management unit vice chairperson, Mr Moses Olum, said many women at the landing site are commercial sex workers.

He added: “The girl child’s life is in danger. Men after having sex with the adults, others take advantage of the vulnerability of the children and they lure them into sex with small money.”