Army harassing our supporters, says DP official

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By Paul Adude

Posted  Wednesday, February 17   2016 at  02:00

Kampala. Democratic Party (DP) leaders in Entebbe Municipality have asked the army leadership to stop intimidating Ugandans ahead of this Thursday elections.

While addressing journalists in Lugonjo, Mr Senoga Mivuule, the Entebbe Municipal DP chairperson, said members of the Special Forces Command led by Capt Barbra Birungi and Maj McDans Kamugira, the director of civil military cooperation in the Special Forces, are arresting DP youth as they campaign for the party’s flag bearers.
“We are being disturbed by the army, SFC’s Maj Kamugira and Capt Barbra are beating up our supporters on campaigns and arresting them,” he said.

Daily Monitor couldn’t get a comment from Maj Kamugira, however, Capt Birungi refuted the claims, saying she is a professional soldier who cannot participate in such activities of arresting civilians.
“It’s a lie, I am not a policeman to arrest people, nor am I involved in politics, for me I am a soldier serving in the army,” she said, adding those accusing her should substantiate.
When contacted, SFC spokesperson Maj Chris Magezi, said he has heard of the allegation but dismissed them as mere lies.

He said “I have spoken to the two officers but they deny the allegations. If DP has evidence they should come forward with it so that appropriate action is taken,” he said.

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