Tuesday February 4 2014

At least 80 people stuck in boat on Lake Victoria



At least 80 people sailing from Nakiwongo in Entebbe Municipality on the mainland to Kalangala District are struck after the boat’s engine broke down in the middle of Lake Victoria.

The boat, loaded with merchandise, has been ferrying people since MV Kalangala ferry was taken for maintenance services.

Kalangala Police Commander, Samuel Mission, confirmed that they have received distress calls from the occupants and they have alerted the Marine which is moving towards the scene to rescue them.

“We are taking another engine and marine experts to rescue them. We hope that the boat is still in the same areas they told us,” Mr Mission said at 5:50pm on Tuesday.

The occupants, who can barely see any other land feature other than water, claim that they are around Kakyanga. There is fear that the evening winds may blow the vessel away to areas with turbulent waves.

The almost regular breakdown of the ferries on Lake Victoria have forced people plying to and from Kalangala to use canoes and rudimentary boats.