Thursday February 20 2014

Bad black ordered to pay Shs5m

Bad Black at City Hall court. Photo by Rachael

Bad Black at City Hall court. Photo by Rachael Ajwang 

By Juliet Kigongo

Court at City Hall has ordered the jailed Kampala socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias bad black to pay Shs 5m to the three people she injured while recklessly driving.

Namuyimbwa who was convicted for the second time upon her plea of guilty which prompted the trial magistrate order her to pay the money to the victims or else she served a sentence of one year in jail.

The victims included Ismail Nsamba, the rider of the motorcycle; his wife Fatuma Namusoke and their six-months-old baby Jamila Namulindwa were seriously injured.

“Indeed there were several attempts of the convict (Namuyimbwa) and her lawyer to settle the matter amicably, but this court did not know why no fruit was yield,” Ms Juliet Hatanga said while sentencing the convict.

The magistrate also noted that since Namuyimbwa was already serving in prison, “In my humble request I find that this will not affect her” thus finding the sentence appropriate in the circumstance.

Prosecution led by Ms Joyce Tushabe had asked court to give the convict an appropriate sentence citing that she was a habitual offender something that court refused to concur with her since it was her first traffic offence.

Court also ruled that it will forfeit her (Namuyimbwa) eight hundred thousand that she had paid for bail.

Prosecution said that Bad black on December 4, 2011, at Casablanca Pub & Restaurant along Acacia Avenue, while driving a Mercedes Benz UAM 833Z, carelessly and without reasonable consideration for other road users, knocked a motorcycle UDN 916E and injured the passengers on top of damaging the motorcycle.


Namuyimbwa is to pay Shs2.4m for both the father and the child since the injuries were minor according to the doctor and Shs.2m to the mother who spent six months at Mulago hospital.

She was sentences to four years in jail in 2012 by the High Court judge of Anti-Corruption division , Justice Catherine Bamugemereire over embezzling of Shs11 billion from Daveshan Company while a co-director.