Monday June 30 2014

Bagaya calls for team to spearhead asset return

By Francis Tusiime

Kabarole- Tooro Princess Elizabeth Bagaya has called for right mechanisms to follow up the return of the kingdom assets.

Princess Bagaya, also President Museveni’s adviser, said the government was in the process of returning the assets, including land and buildings which the kingdom is demanding.

“The kingdom has signed a number of MoUs with the central government to return its assets and government will respect the Constitution,” Ms Bagaya said while addressing the Tooro parliament in Fort Portal Town last Friday.

She proposed that the kingdom sets up a committee to identify the property instead of officials asking for assets they don’t know.

Princess Bagaya also cautioned subjects against using violence while pursuing the return of the assets.

A group of Tooro youth activists recently clashed with police in Fort Portal Town, protesting an alleged reference by the President to Tooro King Oyo Nyimba as a boy during a news conference.

MPs called on board
The kingdom youth minister, Mr Anthony Kalyegira, advised the parliament to use regional MPs to engage the government to return the property.

The kingdom prime minister, Mr Stephen Kaliba, blamed MPs for boycotting their meetings and not taking part in demanding for the assets.

Mr Kaliba promised to write to all MPs to take part in the struggle.

However, the Fort Portal Municipality MP, Mr Alex Ruhunda, said the lawmakers were not involved in the struggle for the return of the assets from the start but he expressed willingness to support the kingdom’s cause.

During the parliamentary sitting, a Shs5.5 billion budget was passed for the financial year 2014/15.

The kingdom’s minister for finance, Ms Kenneth Gusalire, said they would focus on social infrastructure and community development projects.

He said the budget will be funded from revenues obtained from leases, government donations, well-wishers and other kingdom projects.