Bamba ask Museveni to crown their king in May

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Posted  Thursday, March 20   2014 at  19:45

Supporters of Obudhingya bwa Bwamba [kingdom] in Bundibugyo District have asked President Museveni to allow them crown Maj Martin Kamiya Kawamara in May as king.
In 2012, Maj Kamiya said he would resign from the army to be crowned as the Bamba cultural leader.

This was after the Bamba, Babwisi and Vonoma communities in Bundibugyo had in August 2012 chosen Maj Kamiya as their substantive cultural leader.

The speaker of Obudhingya bwa Bwamba, Mr Richard Gafabusa Mujughila, early this week told journalists that the President had earlier tasked the cultural leaders of Obudhingya bwa Bwamba to set up the kingdom’s regalia as well as agreeing on a day for the coronation the new king.

He said in a March 9 meeting, the leaders agreed to conduct the coronation on May 23.
Mr Peter M. K. Amooti, the chief adviser for Obudhingya bwa Bwamba, said the coronation would help the kingdom to be recognised as well as promote its cultural values and norms.

Maj Kamiya is the UPDF 4th Division Intelligence Officer for Karamoja. He is required to first resign before he can be crowned.

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