Friday May 23 2014

Bamba extend coronation date


The coronation of the Obudhingya bwa Bwamba (cultural institution of Bwamba) in Bundibugyo District has been extended to May 30 so that President Museveni can grace the occasion, officials have said. It was earlier set for today.

Mr Fuligensio Bamwitirebye, the kingdom caretaker, said the changes came after the President, who was selected as the chief guest, communicated that he would be out of the country today but will be back next week.

“The President told us to choose between the two options. The first was that we either go ahead with May 23 and he sends the Vice President, or we fix the coronation to May 30 to enable him attend,” Mr Bamwitirebye said on Wednesday.

The quest for the Bamba ethnic group in Bundibugyo to secede from the Rwenzururu Kingdom has in the past caused ethnic tension between the Bamba and the Bakonzo.

In 2012, Mr Museveni reportedly allowed Maj Martin Kamiya to retire from the army and be crowned cultural leader of the Bamba, Babwisi and Vonoma communities.

To retire soon
Maj Kamiya is the UPDF Division Intelligence Officer for Karamoja, but according to the Rev Geoffrey Kyomuhendo, the deputy spokesperson for Obudhingya, he will be released by the army before the coronation.

“The President allowed Kamiya to retire and any time from now, he will get a release letter from the Commander of Defence Forces,” the Rev Kyomuhendo said.

Meanwhile, preparations are in high gear ready for the coronation.
“The palace and parliament are now complete. We are now working on the reception centre for the guests,” the Rev Kyomuhendo said.