Friday February 7 2014

Banyole to elect cultural leader

By Yahudu Kitunzi

BUTALEJA- The 87 Banyole clan leaders in Butaleja District have resolved to elect a king (Sehulu) to govern their cultural affairs.

Mr Eridand Hayinja, a Mubbengo clan elder and lecturer at Busoga University, said the Sehulu would be recognised by the Banyole in Uganda and Kenya.

“So far, we have got approval from the 87 clans and from the district council of Butaleja to go ahead with the arrangements. We have already approved Sehulu, the cultural institution that will unite the Banyole in Uganda and those in diaspora,” Mr Hayinja said on Monday.
Mr Hayinja added that an interim board has been set up, headed by him, to mobilise the Banyole to constitute the general assembly for the institution.
“And as soon as the general assembly is in place, it will convene to make necessary amendments to the current constitution of the cultural institution. Thereafter, the board will submit it to Parliament for approval,” Mr Hayinja said.

Mr Dawson Muloki Mauta, the Bahaini clan leader, said there is need for a king to settle problems the Banyole are facing.