Monday March 31 2014

Be careful, police chief warns critics


The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has warned those fighting him to be very careful because he still has “the mind-set” that prompted him to join the National Resistance Army guerrillas.

Gen Kayihura is riled by being demonised and called names like Afande Tear gas, a reference coined by Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi, the Prime Minister’s wife.

Ms Mbabazi accuses the police chief of doing politics instead of police work.
“Some people are trying to fight us. There is still that mind-set (of angry civilians). Yes, I am a civilian who got angry, and be careful when I get angry. Yes, you will not defeat us,” Gen Kayihura said.

He made the remarks at the closure of a one-week retreat of the national criminal investigations and intelligence officers at Kabalye Police Training School, Masindi District on Sunday.

The police chief said he was being attacked and hated because of ending the walk-to-work campaigns organised by Activists for Change.
Ms Mbabazi has accused Gen Kayihura of doing politics in the aftermath of the arrest of two NRM youth mobilisers suspected of supporting Mr Mbabazi alleged presidential bid.

Mr Omodo-Omodo, 29, the national vice chairperson of the northern region - NRM Youth League, and Mr Adam Luzinda Buyinza, 31, the national vice chairperson of NRM Youth League Kampala, were charged with corruption charges and remanded to Luzira last week.

On working with crime preventers, which Ms Mbabazi described as “lumpens”, Gen Kayihura said he had no problems working with them because civilians have always been the strength of the NRM struggle.