Sunday March 16 2014

Besigye urges opposition to restructure

By Emmanuel Ainebyoona


The internal intrigues within opposition parties will not end until the NRM is out of power, Col (rtd) Kizza Besigye, the former president of Forum for Democratic Change, has said.

Appearing on Hard Talk show on KFM at the weekend, Dr Besigye said the NRM is fomenting the current divisions within the FDC, Uganda People’s Congress and Democratic Party.

Commenting on the DP and UPC anniversary celebrations last week, Dr Besigye said the parties continue to face factionalism within their ranks because of NRM’s sabotage schemes.

“We need to restructure ourselves and save Uganda from turning into a failed state,” Dr Besigye said, adding that the NRM had become a state living on the military.

During DP’s 60th anniversary celebrations, party president Norbert Mao said the opposition had plans of fielding a single presidential candidate in 2016.

However, Dr Besigye said the problem of Uganda was lack of functional state institutions.
He alluded to Kenya which has had a share of political upheavals but has left its forces out of partisan politics.

Asked whether he thinks Uganda is in a multiparty political system, Dr Besigye said the country has been a single party state since 1986.
The former FDC president said one of the reasons he wrote a critique that put him on a collision course with the NRM in 1999 was to analyse what had been achieved and had failed at that time.

But the government spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo, recently told the opposition to clean up its own backyard first.

He said the Nobert Mao-led opposition party should sort out its internal wrangles rather than grapple with the NRM – a party he insists has registered success in good governance.