Bishop Ssemogerere calls for proper sanitation to reduce poverty

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By  Dan Wandera

Posted  Tuesday, December 17  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The bishop says because a number of people still spend much on medical bills, it will be difficult to lift themselves out of poverty.


Kasana- The Luweero Diocean Bishop, Paul Ssemogerere has called for the incorporation of sanitation programes in poverty eradication campaigns with emphasis on latrine coverage as one of the means through which preventable diseases can be minimised.

Bishop Ssemogerere said a population prone to sickness resulting from poor hygiene and sanitation cannot sustain development.

“People spend more time and money in health centres than on development issues,” he said.
The Minister for Information and National Guidance, Ms Rose Namayanja, said good sanitation practices could help families save money spent on medical bills for preventable diseases.

She said the government would proritise boosting agriculture related programmes in the next financial year with emphasis on income generation as way of increasing household incomes.

More than 2,700 people participated in the sanitation campaign organised by the Kasana-Luweero Diocese.
Several people were rewarded with certificates in recognition of their participation, with some being given farm implements including hoes and gum boots.

“We cannot fight poverty when we are still spending money on preventable diseases resulting from poor sanitation,” he said.