Wednesday March 12 2014

Body of American journalist taken to Mulago for postmortem



The body of an American journalist who was reporting on an Explorer tracking the source of the Nile has been flown to Kampala for postmortem.

The journalist, Mathew Power, 39, died at Ajai Game Reserve in Arua district as they started the journey to Egypt on foot. He did not complete the task of reporting on the exploration. According to the Police Regional Public Relations Officer, Ms Josephine Angucia, said the body was transported to Kampala by road.

“Presumably when the postmortem results are done in Kampala, then the body would be transported to his home country,” she said.

According to The New York Times, Mathew was a contributing writer at Harper’s Magazine, and also a writer for other publications, including GQ, The New York Times and Men’s Journal, which had sent him to Uganda.

Angucia said this would disrupt the plans of the other explorers to accomplish their mission of exploring the Nile.

His articles were in annual anthologies like “Best American Travel Writing” and “Best American Spiritual Writing,” and he was a three-time finalist for the Livingston Award for Young Journalists in international reporting.

Already the American Embassy in Uganda is working together with his family to have his body flown to US.

His friend, who wrote in the New York Daily News, Mr Harry Siegel, described Mathew as a friend who got to live a boyhood dream, having amazing adventures hunting down stories that took him to the four corners of the globe to share what he saw with adult eyes.

“He was a rare combination: both fearless and decent, writing articles about the marginalized and left-behind that truly gave them voice, and that readers in comfortable homes didn’t just flip past. His writing never gawked or preached. It only showed. And it did so with language that didn’t exhibit itself. So, after tearing through one of his pieces, I’d have to read it again to admire his craft.” Mr Siegel wrote.

Matthew John Power was born on Oct. 22, 1974, in Middlebury, Vt., and grew up in Cornwall, Vt. He attended Middlebury College. By the age of 24 he had moved to New York.

The New York Times states that, Mr Power, who lived in Brooklyn, is survived by his mother, Jane Steele; his father, John Power; and two sisters, Julie Ruppert and Elizabeth Robison.