Boy found hanging on tree after fight

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By James Owich

Posted  Friday, June 6   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

Injuries. According to police, Komakech must have been hit with a hoe before he was hanged on a tree by a suspected playmate.


Grief engulfed residents of Rwot Omiya village, Lakwana Sub-county, Gulu District on Tuesday after a body of a nine-year-old pupil of Opit Primary School was found hanging on a tree.

Daniel Komakech was found dead after residents mounted a search to locate the boy who had for two days not returned home from grazing cattle.

However, residents suspect that his friend whom he had fought with on May 31 could have killed him and later hung his body on a tree.
The two had had a fierce fight with Komakech’s friend threatening to kill him.

Komakech, according to police, had fought with his 13-year-old playmate before disappearing.

Police said the body was found with wounds, which suggested that Komakech must have been beaten or struggled with somebody before he was hanged.

Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa region police spokesperson, confirmed the incident, saying the suspect had been arrested after he was traced using sniffer dogs.

“We trailed him using a police sniffer dog. We also recovered the hoe that he must have used to kill Komakech,” he said.
A post-mortem report indicates that Komakech died after sustaining a broken neck and damage on his heart.

This killing comes four months after a UPDF soldier shot a 28-year-old man in a bar, killing him instantly and injuring four others.

The latest incident brings the number of people killed under similar circumstance to 15 since the beginning of the year.

what happened

After fighting with a friend, Komakech took cattle for grazing but did not return for two days. He was later found hanging on a tree with his body rotting and marked by a number of wounds.

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