Thursday April 10 2014

Bubulo West was orphaned - Museveni

By David Mafabi

Manafwa-President Museveni has branded Bubulo West an orphaned constituency and urged the voters to elect Ms Rose Mutonyi Masaba as the redeemer.
“You elected a madman to Parliament and orphaned yourselves and when he reached there, he wanted to overthrow the NRM government using arms. He did not know that I am a master of arms,” Mr Museveni told the ululating crowd.

Mr Museveni was campaigning for Ms Mutonyi at Butiru Sub-county playground on Tuesday. He told the electorate that in 2011, they voted to parliament a “mad man” who could not lobby for government programmes for the constituency, a reference to Mr Kipoi.

Museveni addressed two rallies at Butiru Sub-county and Manafwa Town Council grounds.
He appealed to all NRM-leaning independent candidates in the race to reconcile with the official flag bearer to avoid splitting the party vote. The elections are set for today.