Budaka town clerk interdicted over abuse

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By Mudangha Kolyangha

Posted  Tuesday, January 21   2014 at  10:49

In Summary

Mr Martin Andrew Mulekwa is accused of causing financial loss to the town council.


The town clerk of Budaka District, Mr Martin Andrew Mulekwa, has been interdicted over alleged abuse of office.

In a January 14 letter signed by the Chief Administrative Officer, Ms Grace Namukhula Watuwa, Mr Mulekwa is accused of alleged non- accountability, forgery and causing financial loss.
“Whereas you were charged with the running of the institution, you have failed to execute your duties as stipulated,” the letter reads in part.

The letter stated that despite various correspondences and meetings held to manage the activities in the town council, Mr Mulekwa’s explanations “have not been satisfactory and requires comprehensive technical investigation”. “This is, therefore, to interdict you from duty with immediate effect to pave way for further investigation on your performance,” the letter adds.

Ms Watuwa said the clerk would be paid half his salary while on interdiction and advised him not to frequent his office without permission. Ms Watuwa also directed the officer to furnish the investigating committee with defence on why further disciplinary action should not be taken against you on the said allegations. Mr Mulekwa was also directed to hand over office to Ms Catherine Namwamba.

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