Wednesday April 2 2014

Buganda envisions more projects

Mr Mayinga (R) listens Mr Bjorn Simensen

Mr Mayinga (R) listens Mr Bjorn Simensen (pointing) the in charge of roofing the Kasubi Tombs. PHOTO BY JOSEPH KIGGUNDU  



Buganda Kingdom is to shift focus towards new projects, with work at Kasubi Royal Tombs, which were razed in a fire four years ago, almost complete.

The projects in the pipeline include the construction of the Bulange Plaza, the fencing off and construction of a hotel at Kabaka’s lake, Buganda Cultural Village and a museum at the tombs, according to Kasubi Ggwanga mujje (Come together) chairman Fred Kiyimba Freeman.

“We have a balance of more than Shs1.3 billion on our account in Centenary Bank and this will help to kick-start the construction of the cultural village.”

Mr Gasta Lule, the committee treasurer, informed the kingdom premier, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, that they are awaiting structural plans from architects to start the construction work.

By May I, the roof of the main house at the tombs (Muzibu Azaala Mpanga) will be complete but Mr Mayiga says the completion of the whole house will take longer than expected.