Bunyoro to sue Britain over losses

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Posted  Monday, February 25   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

They say they need to be compensated for atrocities caused during the colonial era, where more than two million people were reportedly killed.


The Banyoro-Mubende Committee has resolved to sue the British government over the alleged atrocities caused against the Banyoro during the colonial era.

During a meeting in Kibaale District last week, the group said they are seeking compensation for injustices faced while resisting colonialism and imperialism in the 1890s.

Mr Frank Abbey Okello, a lawyer from Falcon Legal Consultancy firm in the United Kingdom, said plans had been finalised to sue Queen Elizabeth of England in a UK court.
“Many of the Banyoro ancestors were killed, lost their livestock and they faced humiliation during the the protracted war between 1893 and 1899 under the reign of Omukama Cwa Kabalega,” Mr Okello said.

The Banyoro claim that the British forces looted their resources during the war, leaving them impoverished.

In 2004, a 10-member team on the committee filed a suit on behalf of all the aggrieved indigenous Banyoro against the British and the Baganda sub-imperialists for the same cause. However, the Queen requested an out-of-court settlement, promising to meet the complainants’ demands.

Since then, the committee members claim that the Her Majesty sent only Shs2 trillion through the Government of Uganda, money they have never received.

This sparked off a protest in December 2012, where roads leading to Kibaale District were blocked.
President Museveni has since promised to meet the aggrieved members to address the issue but the members say he has never met them.

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